27 Oct 2008


Well Now

For those doubting Thomas's - 250 points of Howling Griffons - Two Tactical squads each with an extra two marines to achieve the points total of - 244pts


I've actually painted 440+ points - two FULL squads and a commander.




Silverback said...

These are really really good m8. Love the way the face of the Vet Sgt has come out. The yellow and red has worked really well.


BFG said...


They are fantastic! It's inspired me to get the S.L. done mate.

The yellow has really come out well and the SB is right about the Sgt's face....very good indeed!

Can't wait to see the finished article.

By the way, did you do any highlighting after applying the dip? The white looks clear.

Keep it up mate.

BFG said...

Looks like the keyboard took a dippin as well!!!

Eddy Artillery said...

Thanks Guys!

I was quite pleased with how they came out - I didn't have to do any extra highlights because I've actually watered down my dipping solution quite a lot already which means that it doesn't discolour light colours too much.